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Abraham and Isaac

Before riding to the Rogers Cemetery in LaGrange County back on July 29, I should have reviewed my old correspondence with Julie Matthews Burnette.   Julie is a great great great granddaughter of the Isaac Gage who is buried here.   Isaac Gage is most likely the Gage of the “Gage and Langdon war”, which was not […]


But I was concentrating on the fort location. I wondered if it could have been at this place known as Springboro. It’s on Spring Creek, close to where it empties into the Tippecanoe River.

Snow of Snow Prairie

On my ride to Coldwater on May 18, I came to the north end of Snow Prairie Road. The road is named after one of the first settlers in Branch County. His cabin was several miles to the south of this point, but he is remembered by the name of a road that passes mostly […]

Dolly-Downing Dead End

A Black Hawk war scare anecdote from the Grand Prairie got my attention years ago when I first started the Black Hawk Slept Here project. It is one told by Sandford Cox in his collection published in 1860, “Recollections of the early settlement of the Wabash Valley.”  It was retold, word for word, in several […]

Brighton (Lexington), Indiana

The story of the Gage and Langdon war has it that the two farmers, upon seeing the fake shooting of the miller by his Potawatomi buddies, fled through the countryside, warning the settlers of Indian attack. The settlers started to build forts to protect themselves. One was at Lexington, a small village now named Brighton […]

William Connor and Fort Hogan

I had been telling myself that of the several accounts of the building of Fort Hogan on Nottawa Prairie, only one was by a first-hand participant. But now I see that there is another. I’ve had it in my files for a long time, but found it today when looking through some of my St. Joseph County (Michigan) materials.