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Meridian-Baseline Historic State Park (again)

Meridian-Baseline Historic State Park

On Sunday, October 11 a historic marker was dedicated at the Meridian-Baseline Historic State Park as part of a 200th anniversary celebration of the surveying of Michigan. I had done a ride to this park in November 2009 and wrote about it in an article titled Baseline-Meridian State Park.  At the time it was described […]

Prairies in Burlington Township

MI-60 heading east to Burlington

Last Tuesday afternoon I rode to the southwest part of Calhoun County to look at a couple of small prairies that had escaped my attention until now.  This photo was taken towards the east end of one of the two prairies, on M-60, just before I reached the village of Burlington. The red marker shows […]

Treaty lines – Collect the whole set

Southwest corner of Mickasawbe reserve

The T-intersection of Fillmore and Fenn is the southwest corner of the Mickesawbe Reserve in Branch County, Michigan.  Fillmore Road is part of the west boundary, and Fenn Road is part of the south boundary.  The photo is from July 26 2009. Fenn Road follows a section line.  In fact, it’s also a township boundary.  […]

Who surveyed this line?

1809 Treaty Line marker in Cambridge City IN

(August 29, continued)  This marker is in Cambridge City, at the intersection of the National Road and Boundary Street.   The rest of my day’s ride was going to take me south-southwest along the 1809 treaty line sometimes known as the Twelve Mile Boundary.  There are places where modern roads follow the line. I got to […]

Baseline-Meridian State Park

Saturday’s ride took me as close as I could get to a place where one straight line intersects another in two places. And yes, this is with normal Euclidean geometry. It’s the place where the surveyor’s baseline which goes across lower Michigan from east to west is crossed by the Michigan meridian. These two lines “govern” the remaining survey of Michigan into townships and sections.

More of the west Mickesawbe boundary

Here I’m looking west on State Street, where one has to stop for Quincy-Grange Road. Both roads follow section lines. Governor Cass wanted the reservation boundary lines to coincide with section lines, but Mickasawbe and Ashkebe insisted that the surveyor offset it 60 rods to the west.

Mickesawbe boundary, continued

Here’s another view of the Mickasawbe reservation line, from yesterday’s ride. I was riding along Quincy-Grange Road, which follows a section line. The reservation boundary was offset 60 rods to the east, right where the line of trees is at the far end of the wheat field.