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Helga Township, Hubbard County, Minnesota

West side of Nary School

There was one more township hall to visit on July 12, 2014. After leaving the Guthrie Town Hall I continued north on the Paul Bunyan Trail, to the one-time community of Nary.  After having ridden through forested country the last 50 miles along the Heartland and Paul Bunyan Trails, it was good to see the […]

Mount Vernon to Zanesville

View 2013 Van Wert to Marietta OH in a larger map Today’s ride took me from Mt. Vernon to Zanesville, though a part of Ohio I had never seen before. I was not surprised that there were hills. And in fact, much of the route was not as bad I expected it to be. But […]

Henning MN

  It has been a few years since I last got in a 100-mile ride, so I took advantage of the long days of early July and the  good rural roads near my parents’ home in north-central Minnesota to try for one last Friday.    If I could have gotten in a complete round trip I […]

District No. 3 school

A few posts back (Snow of Snow Prairie), A.J. asked if I knew about a school on Snow Prairie Road that might be about 16 miles from Coldwater. After a little head-scratching and map-searching, I wondered if it couldn’t be this one. It’s in Gilead Township to the southwest of Coldwater, about 2 miles from […]


It turns out that the Barnhart who settled around here was Martin B Barnhart. He once owned some of the land right at this intersection. Perhaps he was a relative of the Martin Barnhart who served in the militia and who settled just a few miles away in Girard Township. The county histories don’t say, but then they often neglect to explain things like that.

Burland to Black Hawk

when the news of Stillman’s Run reached Michigan, it stimulated renewed militia activity. We don’t know when the newly arrived Thomas Burland heard the news, but he is not one of the settlers who served in the local militia.

More Hawpatch Road

Most of the buildings along Hawpatch Road are neat and Amish white. But there are a couple of derelict buildings. One is a church. The other is this old school. At least I presume it was a school. There is also a newer-looking Amish school down the road. This derelict looks like it never was […]