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Looking for David Vance

Banfield Cemetery is located in Johnston Township, Barry County — about an 8 mile ride to the north from our house.  Yesterday I rode my new folding bicycle there to look for the gravestone of David Vance.  I am pretty sure the David Vance who is buried there is the same David Vance who was […]

Canandaigua and Walworths

Business District of Canandaigua, Michigan

The business district of Canandaigua, Michigan, was all closed up when I arrived Sunday afternoon (two Sundays ago). Even though it didn’t look as interesting to me as the scenes on this side of the street, I got to wondering if I should have pointed my camera across the street to the left (west), to […]

Cabbages along the River Raisin

Cabbages along the River Raisin

I think these cabbages look better if you click on the image to biggify it.  The scene was from today’s bike ride, at a point on the Raisin River between Blissfield and Deerfield, MI.   The river is just to the left, behind the trees.   In the distance, out of sight, was the one-time home of […]

Medina Township

Bothwell Highway in Medina Township

This is a scene on Canandaigua Road on the way to Medina Township in Lenawee County.  I know nothing of the history of this barn or farm.  But I liked looking at it. This farmhouse may have been owned by a son or other relative of Appollos Drown, one of the 1832 militia captains who […]

State Industrial Home for Girls

One-time State Industrial Home for Girls

This photo was taken on a ride to Adrian (MI) in August of last year.  The building is on a site that once housed a State Industrial Home for Girls.  The home was at one time superintended by Lucy M.  Sickles, a granddaughter of Apollos Drown, who was one of the Lenawee County’s militia captains […]

Solon P. Davis

On Sunday afternoon I got in a ride to Homer, getting 51 miles out of it.  Homer is at the opposite end of Calhoun County from my home, but it’s not really 51 miles away.  I got some extra miles by making a detour to the above house south of Marshall.  This house was a […]

A few alternate shots at each other

These photos are an interruption in the series of photos from the August 28 ride.   This cemetery is a mile northeast of Martin in Allegan County, Michigan.   This afternoon I rode here to look for a different gravestone than the one pictured.   I eventually found it (and found it before the rest of the afternoon […]