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Fire hydrant and coffee in Terre Haute

A fire hydrant like this should be reason enough to stop for a photo. I got to thinking of it when the question came up of when I was last in a Starbucks. It’s from my ride north-to-south through Terre Haute last October. I wonder if I should have just ridden through on US-41. I […]

Beginning and end

at this time of year it’s easy to tell the Amish cornfields from the others by looking down the rows. The rows aren’t as straight on Amish fields. Yes, the Amish people tend to be neat, tidy, and regular. But there is no way horses can hold the planter to an absolutely straight path the way farm tractors can, even when the tractors are not laser-guided.

Baptist mission controversies

This is a view along the last leg of the path from the paved road to the Maria Creek Baptist Church cemetery. (The road is one between Oaktown and Freelandville, Indiana.) The gravesite of Charles Polke is near the trees, left of center in the photo, where it would be hard to see at any […]

Maria Creek cemetery

This is what’s left of the Maria Creek Baptist Church cemetery in Knox County, Indiana. The gravesite of Charles Polke is now marked by four steel fence posts, and is not currently threatened by agricultural implements. Our car, with my bicycle on it, was parked at the trees in the left center background. The creek […]

Theology of the grave

This is the gravesite of Nawehquageezhik (Noonday) and his wife, Somonoque, at the east end of Cressey Road in Barry County, Michigan. The gravestone is in the mowed area to the right of the bicycle. This story of this gravestone is connected with another gravestone near Vincennes, Indiana, that I’m hoping to ride to this […]