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On September 18, 2003, I happened upon this historical marker in Crawford County, Ohio, on my way from Nevada to Mount Vernon. It’s where William Crawford’s army fought on its retreat from Ohio in 1782. Crawford himself had been captured the previous day, and was later tortured to death near Upper Sandusky. It’s a well-known […]


More from April 5, 2006. This is a bridge over Emuckfau creek, quite near my destination, Horseshoe Bend National Military Park. The actual village of Emuckfau was a few miles upstream, nearer to Zana (see the Google map below).

Little Tallassee

After leaving Hickory Ground, I rode north to the Julia Tutwiler prison (which I wrote about here and here), then continued north along US-231 before heading off the highway toward the river. I turned left just before this fencepost, instead of riding down the gravel road. I was trying to see how close I could […]