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Bridge over the River Raisin

Pedestrian bridge over the River Raisin in Blissfield MI

Here are a couple more photos from Monday’s bike ride. These were taken during a brief lunch break in a public park along the River Raisin. It was the first time I had been in Blissfield in quite a few years, and it was the first time I ever associated with place with sunshine.


  Over at Ken Steinhoff’s Cape Girardeau History and Photos blog there was some discussion of the designation “consort” on the gravestone of “Charlotte Pemanpieh Bougainville, consort of Lorimer.”¬† (Louis Lorimer and Indian Park). I’ve seen that designation on tombstones here and there, including several that I saw in a cemetery near¬† Cicott Trading Post […]

Wabash Cannonball Bridge

Sat Oct 24. Vincennes IN to West Salem IL. At the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge I forgot myself and crossed into Illinois like I’ve done on previous rides. Then I remembered that I had wanted to try the toll bridge across the river at St. Francisville IL. So I went back to the Indiana […]

Red Bridge

The near side of the Mississinewa River had been the home of Miami people who had resisted deportation to the west in the 1830s-1850s. They had reserves here through the 1870s, and had lived along the river even after the land had been “allotted,” or converted to private property.

Hung here for killing Indians

(Sep 29 2009, cont.) Before this ride I somehow had the impression that the monument for the Fall Creek hanging was on the south side of the creek. I was pleased when I spied it on the north side where it belonged, and that there was a bridge over the creek so I could get […]

A walk in the park

(29 Sep 2009, cont.) These are more scenes from the walk in Falls Park. My bicycle and I walked together. I wanted to get down to Fall Creek itself, but railroads prefer not to come down to our level in places like this. I was assured by the increasing height of the railroad bed that […]

Old trails in Coldwater Township

(July 26, con’t.) When I visit the Oak Grove Cemetery I sometimes like to get a few photos from the old bridge across the Coldwater River, too. This bridge is now blocked off for vehicles but it’s not hard to climb over the guardrails to walk on it. And a footpath is still left open […]