Another consort

In a past post (“Consort“) I mentioned that I had looked in my photos for an exception to the rule that the term consort on a gravestone referred to a woman who died before her husband.    I see that towards the end of the same ride on which I had taken photos of “consort” gravestones […]

6 August 2008. Warren and Fountain counties

  This was the final ride of a four day outing in the Lafayette, Indiana area in August 2008.  See “Prophetstown base camp (August 2008).” One of the major intermediate goals for the day was to visit the site of the Cicott trading post along the Wabash River.   After that I went to Fountain County […]

Prophetstown base camp (August 2008)

  The route for the August 3 ride is shown in blue.   It’s very approximate until I look up information I may have recorded at the time.   The route for August 6 is shown in green.   It’s a fairly close approximation, except for a couple of places that will be obvious to a zoomed-in view. […]


  Over at Ken Steinhoff’s Cape Girardeau History and Photos blog there was some discussion of the designation “consort” on the gravestone of “Charlotte Pemanpieh Bougainville, consort of Lorimer.”  (Louis Lorimer and Indian Park). I’ve seen that designation on tombstones here and there, including several that I saw in a cemetery near  Cicott Trading Post […]

Concrete silo

The ride south FROM Westpoint was better than the ride south to Westpoint from Granville. The wind was still from the south, but this was a lesser travelled road. On such roads where I’m not mingling with car traffic I don’t feel such a need to keep up appearances by riding at a respectable clip. […]

Patrick Henry Weaver

August 4, continued. From West Point I was planning to ride south, but first I went on a half-mile detour onto what once was the Burnett Reserve. I wanted to see if the old farmstead of Patrick Henry Weaver was visible from the public road and recognizable in any form. It turned out it wasn’t […]

Illinois-Indiana border

More Aug 3. When I got to the Illinois border, the windmills came to an end. In the photo above, Illinois is on the left side of the road, and Indiana on the right. One of the things I looked forward to in Illinois was using the excellent bicycle maps put out by the Department […]