No Ten O’clock marks here

An examination of the 1874 atlas didn’t seem to suggest there were any property lines that would have remained even then to mark the treaty line of 1820 that formed the north boundary of Royce Area 114. (This is in contrast to the more famous Ten O’Clock line from the 1809 treaty, where there are […]

Ten O’Clock Road is all over the clock

This is the Ten O’Clock Road northwest of Rockville, IN. It was just irregular enough to make for pleasant riding, but it certainly wasn’t arrow-straight like a treaty line road. There is a reason for that. It doesn’t follow the treaty line anywhere. I had at first guessed it followed the line mostly, but that […]

Ten O’Clock Road – Royce Area 114

I was puzzled about this road in Parke County, Indiana when I did my ride there last October 7. I wanted to visit the marks left by the Ten O’Clock Treaty Line, but despite what the street sign said, this was too far north. The road ran roughly parallel to the treaty line, but I […]

Beginning and end

at this time of year it’s easy to tell the Amish cornfields from the others by looking down the rows. The rows aren’t as straight on Amish fields. Yes, the Amish people tend to be neat, tidy, and regular. But there is no way horses can hold the planter to an absolutely straight path the way farm tractors can, even when the tractors are not laser-guided.


This millstone was pulled out of Raccoon Creek by a backhoe last year. The miller told me about it on my first ride to Bridgeton, in September 2006. Arsonists had burned the covered bridge down, and as I understand it, a backhoe operator found it when doing some cleanup work in the creek afterwards. Or […]

Bridgeton Mill

The stop at Pipeline road was towards the end of my Monday ride (October 8). At the beginning I got mixed up on my way out of Rockville, and ended up at a tourist place known as Billie Creek. It has one of Parke County’s many covered bridges. But since I was here, I stopped […]

Pipeline Road

Last week Monday, after visiting the likely site of Isaac McCoy’s mission in Raccoon Township, Parke County, Indiana, I headed west to Rosedale and then north back to Rockville along the Catlin Road. That last stretch was an especially pleasant ride. There had been a wind out of the southwest all day, and now it […]