Hodunk artists

As far as I can tell, my last photos of Hodunk Mill were taken on a ride to Girard on July 24, 2008.   The above is one that didn’t turn out as well as I wanted, but now that the mill has burned down there won’t be another chance. While looking up information about Hodunk […]

William McCarty’s gravestone, finally.

McCarty is the person who interceded in the dispute between James Tompkins and some Potawatomi women over apple trees in 1831. (See “William McCarty’s Language Skills.”) I spent a long time looking, but didn’t find McCarty’s grave. Found some of his in-laws, but not McCarty himself. Visited in a house his son had built, but hadn’t found McCarty’s grave near there, either.

Craig Lake

I’ve camped at Waffle Farm Campground several times over the years. The first time was back in 1999, when I forgot my tent poles and then, after several other misadventures during the next day, lost the pannier that carried the tent. After a futile search that evening and the following day (and yet more misadventures) […]

Martin Barnhart on West Prairie

(July 24, 2008, continued) Two miles west of Girard, I stopped to take a photo of the old home at the intersection with River Road, just in case there was a history connection I’m supposed to know about. Then some coneflowers got more of my attention than the house did. Tonight I finally got around […]

Whose apple tree?

This apple tree is on the Section 15 that was owned by James Tompkins, and is near the creek. Whether the tree is a descendant of the one in the story is unknown. Most likely it isn’t. But it’s great place to have an apple tree.

Girard neighbors

The 1879 history of Branch County, Michigan tells about the first settlers at Girard. The Americans weren’t the first people living at Girard, though. It’s a common enough story. Many of the first settlers in southern Michigan told how they wouldn’t have made it through the first winter without the assistance of their Potawatomi neighbors […]


The village of Girard has been in the local news the past few days. There was a homicide a few days ago, and the killer has not yet been identified and arrested. I went through my photos from a ride there last July 24 to see if the house where it occurred was one I […]