Jordan Junction at Prairie Creek

Fri Oct 22. Instead of taking Hwy 41 from Terre Haute to Vincennes, I took the scenic route closer to the Wabash River. I hoped that Prairie Creek, close to the southwest corner of Vigo County, might be big enough to have a gas station and food. It did. The store is called Jordan Junction. […]

Fire hydrant and coffee in Terre Haute

A fire hydrant like this should be reason enough to stop for a photo. I got to thinking of it when the question came up of when I was last in a Starbucks. It’s from my ride north-to-south through Terre Haute last October. I wonder if I should have just ridden through on US-41. I […]

Corn picker

When I got to the county line, though, I saw that for Sullivan County, I wasn’t going to be so lucky. It was time to ride on gravel. I don’t mind riding a little gravel now and then, as long as it isn’t too washboardy or too loose. In fact, sometimes I seek out a few miles of gravel just for variety. But time was short and I can’t move as fast on gravel roads as on pavement. So I headed west, to US-41.

Fort Harrison

Tuesday’s ride to the Maria Creek cemetery started from Rosedale. From the county histories in the library, I learned that some of the inspiration to settle in Parke County had come from soldiers who had been part of the force that went with William Henry Harrison to break up the Tecumseh/Tenskwatawa confederacy at Prophetstown. While […]

Maria Creek cemetery

This is what’s left of the Maria Creek Baptist Church cemetery in Knox County, Indiana. The gravesite of Charles Polke is now marked by four steel fence posts, and is not currently threatened by agricultural implements. Our car, with my bicycle on it, was parked at the trees in the left center background. The creek […]