More CO-OP tractor

This photo of a CO-OP tractor taken August 3, 2010, promises to have been the start of some upcoming Spokesriding adventures.  As I explained back in 2010 in a post titled “CO-OP Tractor“, I happened upon the tractor early in a ride that began at Prophetstown State Park near West Lafayette, Indiana. My curiosity was […]

6 August 2008. Warren and Fountain counties

  This was the final ride of a four day outing in the Lafayette, Indiana area in August 2008.  See “Prophetstown base camp (August 2008).” One of the major intermediate goals for the day was to visit the site of the Cicott trading post along the Wabash River.   After that I went to Fountain County […]

CO-OP Tractor

On August 3 I rode from Prophetstown State Park to Thorntown, IN. The park is on the west side of the Tippecanoe River, not too far from the site of the village where Tecumseh and the prophet, Tenskwatawa, had gathered a multinational Indian community. William Henry Harrison disrupted it with a pre-emptive military strike late […]

CR 500N

Whether we stay at the Prophetstown State Park campground or at a motel along the Interstate, County Road 500N is the road on which a bike ride usually begins.

Longlois Reserve and the joys of gravel

Over on the Phred bicycle touring list we’ve been talking about gravel roads. Some tourers actually like them. I like them myself in small doses of about 2-5 percent of my riding. On August 4 I wanted to ride around the Peter Longois reserve in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, before ending my ride for the day. […]

Concrete silo

The ride south FROM Westpoint was better than the ride south to Westpoint from Granville. The wind was still from the south, but this was a lesser travelled road. On such roads where I’m not mingling with car traffic I don’t feel such a need to keep up appearances by riding at a respectable clip. […]

Patrick Henry Weaver

August 4, continued. From West Point I was planning to ride south, but first I went on a half-mile detour onto what once was the Burnett Reserve. I wanted to see if the old farmstead of Patrick Henry Weaver was visible from the public road and recognizable in any form. It turned out it wasn’t […]