The Streets of New Lisbon

New Lisbon, Wayne County, Indiana

(1 October 2011, continued) This was my 2nd ride of the summer through New Lisbon.   This time I stopped for more photos because in between the two rides I learned that Elder Elijah Martindale had referred to his being influenced by a Mother Buck who lived here. As I understand it, this Christian Church is […]

Crossing the Flatrock River again

Dublin Pike bridge over the Flatrock River

  (October 1, 2011) I was ten miles into the first of four day rides before I stopped here for photos, where the land starts to drop down into a little valley that holds the Flatrock River. I had stopped here to enjoy the view back on August 27 (Flatrock River Crossing). Unfortunately, even though […]

Mulberry Lane Inn

We stayed at the Mulberry Lane Inn for four days of bicycling last October.      It’s just off of US-36 near Mt. Summit, between New Castle and Muncie. The hosts, Deana and Joe Harris, don’t do internet, so they may never see this.  Unless, that is,  we go back sometime, which we may very […]

Flatrock River crossing

  (August 27, continued.)  In New Castle I found my way to the Dublin Pike and headed to the southeast on it,  hoping to visit some sites along the National Road (old US 40) that Elijah Martindale had told about.    I made a quick stop to take a look at the grassy hillside that […]

Elijah Martindale and the rotten doctrines of Campbellism

(August 27, continued)  This was the only photo I took on the way between Markleville and New Castle.   There were two reasons to make a stop in New Castle:  1) food, and 2) to get a photo of Elijah Martindale’s grave. I encountered Martindale when looking for information about War of 1812 settler forts in […]


(Sep 28, cont.) There were no roads that would take me west through Summit Lake State Park, so I rode on US-36 for a few miles to get around it. The road had a decent shoulder, but it was nice to get back to quiet county roads. The one in the photo follows the boundary […]

Honey Creek

(Sep 28, cont.) Honey Creek, Indiana is way too new a town. When I’m Spokesriding in this part of the world I like towns that were established no later than the 1820s or early 1830s. But I’m trying to overcome my bad habit of riding through these places without getting so much as a single […]