Old trails in Coldwater Township

(July 26, con’t.) When I visit the Oak Grove Cemetery I sometimes like to get a few photos from the old bridge across the Coldwater River, too. This bridge is now blocked off for vehicles but it’s not hard to climb over the guardrails to walk on it. And a footpath is still left open […]

William McCarty’s gravestone, finally.

McCarty is the person who interceded in the dispute between James Tompkins and some Potawatomi women over apple trees in 1831. (See “William McCarty’s Language Skills.”) I spent a long time looking, but didn’t find McCarty’s grave. Found some of his in-laws, but not McCarty himself. Visited in a house his son had built, but hadn’t found McCarty’s grave near there, either.

William McCarty’s language skills

There were two major destinations for my April 18 ride. This was near the first one, near the northwest corner of the old Mickkesawbe Reserve in Branch County. The north border of that reserve is Jonesville Road. That road is bicycleable enough but it does carry more traffic than other roads in the area. So […]

Whose apple tree?

This apple tree is on the Section 15 that was owned by James Tompkins, and is near the creek. Whether the tree is a descendant of the one in the story is unknown. Most likely it isn’t. But it’s great place to have an apple tree.