District No. 3 school

A few posts back (Snow of Snow Prairie), A.J. asked if I knew about a school on Snow Prairie Road that might be about 16 miles from Coldwater. After a little head-scratching and map-searching, I wondered if it couldn’t be this one. It’s in Gilead Township to the southwest of Coldwater, about 2 miles from […]

Goliath in the Land of Gilead

Two autumns ago I went on a weekend trip to the area to see if I couldn’t better identify where that seminary had been. I had been there once before, but nobody I had talked to on the road knew anything about it. This time, on day 2 (or was it 3?) I was nearing the Old Testament Land of Gilead (Gilead Township and Gilead Lake were given their names by Bishop Chase) when Goliath came out to meet me. I knew the name was Goliath, because people along the road were shouting, “Come, Goliath, Come back here!” I didn’t understand Goliath’s language, but if he was asking , “Am I a dog, that you come at me…?” the answer was affirmative. (People who have gone to Sunday School with the King James Bible sometimes know enough to laugh at that point in the story.) This was no ankle-biting yap dog. I felt this one’s warm breath at shoulder level. A Great Dane, apparently. But Goliath and I parted ways without the usual mess involving slings, stones, and swords.

William Hogeland and The Whiskey Rebellion

I happened to pick Hogeland’s book (along with a few others) because it was one easily available to me. The guy writes well and gives some points of view I had not considered before. I’m maybe 1/3 of the way into the book. While it has been fun to read, I have been wary, not sure whether he’s a leftwing populist (perhaps a crackpot populist) or a rightwing one. He certainly brings out a lot of points that cannot be comforting to either side.

I finally decided I couldn’t wait. I’m not nearly finished with the book yet, but I needed to learn more about what others have said about the book. I did find a few things — the Amazon reviews, for example — but I found something even better: the author’s own explanation of his work.