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In the last post there is an October 3 2011 2010 photo of Nicholsville, taken from the south.   This is the view upon approaching the village from the north. And here is one from downtown Nicholsville. According to the 1882 county history, Nicholasville, which contains a population of about one hundred, possessed two stores, a […]

Not a BLT

This photo may have been taken on U Drive in Schoolcraft Township, Kalamazoo County, just west of the place where the road curves to go around the lowland around Gourdneck Lake.   I say “may” because it was taken in May 2007, before I had a GPS to keep track of where I had been.   I […]

New and improved

While sitting at my desk and listening to the blizzard howl late last night, I went to as I had done several times throughout the day and was confronted with the most dreaded words on the world wide web:   “new and improved.” I was aghast that the people would choose to ruin their […]

Isaac Ketchum

This White tractor seems not to have moved since the soybean field on which it sits was planted.   There isn’t much excuse for posting a photo of it, but it reminds me that we once had better Michigan weather for riding than we do today.     Maybe someday we will again have such days. The tractor […]

Not a Christmas present

Over at the phred bicycle touring list people have been asking each other whether they got their first bicycle for Christmas.   It sounds like some of the guys came from families with even less money for bicycles than mine had.   At the time of the above photo (June 1959) we kids had some kind of […]

Christmas on the Sauk Trail

The 1875 history of Cass County (Michigan)  says Ira Nash came to Michigan in December 1829, and spent Christmas Day in White Pigeon: The subject of this sketch was born in Danbury, Connecticut, August 12th, 1806.  When three years old his parents moved to Chenango County, New York, where he lived until coming to Michigan […]

Tunnel Hill Road

From Tunnel Hill, I took the Tunnel Hill Road west instead of the Tunnel Hill Trail, a more southerly route. What I most remember about this part of the ride was slogging into the wind, again.   I had been riding into the wind ever since Terre Haute, several days before.   But now I was in […]