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Meridian-Baseline Historic State Park (again)

Meridian-Baseline Historic State Park

On Sunday, October 11 a historic marker was dedicated at the Meridian-Baseline Historic State Park as part of a 200th anniversary celebration of the surveying of Michigan. I had done a ride to this park in November 2009 and wrote about it in an article titled Baseline-Meridian State Park.  At the time it was described […]

Todd Township, Hubbard County, Minnesota

Todd Township in Hubbard County, Minnesota, doesn’t have a town hall.   The survey township on which the civil township is based (T140N, R35W) includes most of Park Rapids, the county seat, and the courthouse complex has facilities that the township uses for meetings and voting. I’ve ridden my bicycle into Park Rapids many times, but […]

Helga Township, Hubbard County, Minnesota

West side of Nary School

There was one more township hall to visit on July 12, 2014. After leaving the Guthrie Town Hall I continued north on the Paul Bunyan Trail, to the one-time community of Nary.  After having ridden through forested country the last 50 miles along the Heartland and Paul Bunyan Trails, it was good to see the […]

Guthrie and Old Township Days


The Guthrie Town Hall is special in several ways.  For starters, the Guthrie Township web site has a map on its home page that shows exactly where the town hall is located.  On some township web sites one has to look hard for that kind of information, and sometimes it’s not even on a township’s […]