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October Ireland Visit

Despite the bicycle in the photo, this post is not very much about bicycling.  It consists mostly of non-bicycling photos from a recent visit to Ireland to visit our daughter.My Bike Friday came along, though, and got three days of use around Sligo. The photo was taken on my first ride, where I happened upon the […]

Ride Report – The Day after Election Day

Well before the election I had figured I would be better off doing a bicycle ride the day after rather than sitting at my computer and stewing over the results. Also, the forecast was for clear skies and mild winds from the northwest, which meant I could ride to the southeast where there still are […]

Ride Report – Bunker Hill

This is a report on a 60.5 mile ride to Bunker Hill Township in Ingham County, Michigan on Saturday 12 Nov 2016. This photo was taken at the 18 mile mark, at the east end of Assyria Road, northwest of Bellevue. It was the only photo stop other than at Onandaga and Bunker township halls. […]

30 Sep 2016 – Kandiyohi and Stearns counties

Today’s ride began in Willmar, Minnesota (in Kandiyohi County) took me north to a bit of Stearns County, and then back almost to the starting point.  At the northernmost part of the ride I took the above photo of the chimney on the roof of the Crow Lake Township Hall. I made first-time visits to […]

6 August 2016 – Waldron MI

  The main goal of Saturday’s ride (6 August 2016) was to get in a ride of at least 80 miles. I hadn’t had a ride of that length since May 2014. I had done a 71 mile ride on Wednesday, so was eager to extend my range now that I was getting used to […]

Day 6. September 22. Fessenden to Kongsberg

The route for the final day of the September ride to Kongsberg ND is shown by the violet-colored line on the map. After breakfast, Myra took me from our motel in Harvey back to where I had left off the previous day, east of Fessenden. The first 20 miles from that starting point were to […]

Day 5. September 21. Carrington to Fessenden

  The day’s route is shown in green on the above map. According to the wind forecasts, it had looked like Monday the 22nd (Day 5 of September’s six-day ride to Kongsberg ND) would be more difficult than the other days. It turned out to be that way.  Even though I got an earlier start […]