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Lake George Township, Hubbard County, Minnesota

Lake George Township Hall

When I got to Lake George (July 9) I stopped at this tourist shop to ask where the township hall was, and was directed across the street, to the other side of the Woodland gas station.  In other words, it was right within view when I had stopped at the Hwy 71 intersection, wondering where […]

Getting lost in Lake George

Entering Lake George from the south

9 July 2014, continued.  This is the approach to the village of Lake George from the south.  The lake itself is off to the right side of the road. I didn’t get any photos of it.  I now wish I had. I’ve been spending a lot of time comparing the explanations of Henry Schoolcraft, Willard […]


Emmaville University

9 July 2014.  Lake George Town Hall was one of the destinations for my second township ride.  Three miles beyond the Lake Emma Town Hall that I had visited two days earlier, I happened upon a little place on the road called Emmaville, with a convenience store on one side of the road and Emmaville […]

Church Buggies on Quincy Grange Road

Church Buggieson Quincy Grange Road

The latest Amish America article about fancy young people’s buggies (Growing Up Amish Excerpt: Youngie, Buggies & Horses) made me think of this scene in Branch County from a couple of Sundays ago.  I was riding from one township hall to another (more on that another time) and came upon a gathering of Amish buggies […]

Clark Brody, Cooperative Extension, and the Farm Bureau

Former LKBrody property in Fabius Twp

This photo was taken on an April 26 ride to Fabius Township in St Joseph County, Michigan. The  property on the left (west) side of the road once belonged to Clark Brody’s grandfather.  Brody himself ended up with part of his grandfather’s property,  though as far as I know, not this parcel. I also have […]

Illinois militia veterans

Union Cemetery, Edwards County, Illinois

In preparation for an upcoming ride I’m trying to learn more about a Michigan man who went to Illinois to serve in the Black Hawk war. From the way it’s told in the county histories, it isn’t clear whether he served in the regular army or in a militia. Usually it was local citizens who served in local militias, but lots of things are possible.

Lemuel Bolter’s Pension

L Bolter grave monument, Shavehead Cemetery

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal about the last remaining person still receiving a Civil War pension (“Still Paying for the Civil War: Veterans’ Benefits Live On Long After the Bullets Stop“) reminded me to go back into my old photo collection to find the above one taken in 2008 at Shavehead Cemetery […]