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Prairies in Burlington Township

MI-60 heading east to Burlington

Last Tuesday afternoon I rode to the southwest part of Calhoun County to look at a couple of small prairies that had escaped my attention until now.  This photo was taken towards the east end of one of the two prairies, on M-60, just before I reached the village of Burlington. The red marker shows […]

Medina Township

Bothwell Highway in Medina Township

This is a scene on Canandaigua Road on the way to Medina Township in Lenawee County.  I know nothing of the history of this barn or farm.  But I liked looking at it. This farmhouse may have been owned by a son or other relative of Appollos Drown, one of the 1832 militia captains who […]

More of Beaver’s Reserve

Meridian Road crosses the south boundary of Beaver's Reserve

This is another place where a public road crosses the south boundary of Beaver’s Reserve.  This crossing is on Meridian Road, just east of the Washington Road crossing shown in the previous post.  The line of trees on the right of the photo lies on the boundary. The photo also shows a typical lawn in […]

Beaver’s Reserve

Beaver's Reserve in Whitley County, Indiana

Beaver’s five sections form a parallelogram on the Eel River- almost a rhombus. The photo shows a portion of the south boundary. The tree lines in the foreground lie along the south boundary.

Treaty lines – Collect the whole set

Southwest corner of Mickasawbe reserve

The T-intersection of Fillmore and Fenn is the southwest corner of the Mickesawbe Reserve in Branch County, Michigan.  Fillmore Road is part of the west boundary, and Fenn Road is part of the south boundary.  The photo is from July 26 2009. Fenn Road follows a section line.  In fact, it’s also a township boundary.  […]

Brouillette Road

Brouillette Road, Knox County, Indiana

This was the first time I got my camera out on my five days of rides from Walt and Anne Rinderle’s B&B in Knox County week before last.   Google map has it labelled it as Bruillotto Road in some places, and Brouilette Road in others. The French name would be appropriate in that Vincennes […]

Red Hills State Park

Historic marker in Red Hills State Park

Saturday’s ride, the 5th and final one from Walt and Anne’s base camp in Vincennes, fizzled out sooner than intended because  I had gotten too dependent on my smartphone.  After marking about 25 locations on a Google map where one can see traces of  the boundary of the Illinois portion of the Vincennes Tract, I […]