The Spokesrider’s real name is John Gorentz. He lives in southwest Michigan and goes on bicycling expeditions to places where he can say, “Black Hawk Slept Here.” But that phrase gets interpreted very broadly. Almost any excuse to ride to a place of settlement-era* history will do.

Since July 2014, he has also been riding to as many township halls as possible, whether or not they have a good connection to settlement-era history.

The Spokesrider enjoys reading comments or questions posted on the articles, but if you would like to get in touch by e-mail, you can do so at johng@spokesraider.com.  To elude spammers that email address will probably change from time to time, so he will reply to your mail from a more permanent address.

* The term “settlement-era” isn’t so great, because the terms “settlers” and “settlement” can be taken to imply that the Native Americans who preceded the European-American invaders were nomads who didn’t themselves settle in their homelands and modify them for their own sustenance.  That was a bit of more-or-less intentional misunderstanding that has often been used to justify the takeover by European-Americans.  But alternative names for this period have their own problems so for now, it’ll be called “settlement-era.”