Beaver’s Reserve


Beaver's Reserve in Whitley County, Indiana

This photo is another look at a piece of the boundary of Beaver’s Reserve, near Columbia City, Indiana.

Beaver’s Reserve was established by Article 2 of the 1826 Treaty of Mississinewa, a treaty made with many of the Miami Indians of Indiana.  Article 2 begins:

From the cession aforesaid, the following reservations, for the use of the said tribe, shall be made:

Fourteen sections of Land at Seek’s village;

Five sections for the Beaver, below and adjoining the preceding reservation;

Beaver’s five sections form a parallelogram on the Eel River- almost a rhombus.  The photo shows a portion of the south boundary.   The tree lines in the foreground lie along the south boundary.  Just a stub of a tree line is visible on the left. The part of the wheat field that lies beyond the two near tree lines was inside the reserve.


Maybe it can be seen better on this Google map.  I took the photo from the position of the marker #2, and was facing almost straight west. My route for the day (June 25) is shown in blue. The boundary of the reserve is shown in orange.

My usual sources don’t have much information about Beaver.  In the Tipton Papers he is sometimes called Little Beaver, and Tipton sometimes spelled the name as Bever.   Beaver is sometimes listed as the recipient of annuity payments, and that’s about the extent of the information I have on him.

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