John McCoy and Tippecanoe


Robert McCoy gravestone, McCoy cemetery, Knox County, IndianaIn the McCoy Cemetery (Knox County, IN 27-Mar-2012) there are two tombstones for Robert McCoy, placed back to back. In John Reel – Found there is a photo showing the one on the other side of the one shown in the above photo.

Tonight I am trying to reconcile information about Robert’s brother, John.   Family genealogy information that has been deposited at the Knox County Public Library says John was a militia captain who died on the march to Tippecanoe.  But a roster transcribed from The Battle of Tippecanoe by Reed Beard (1911), although it lists a John McCoy, has him listed as a private in Thomas Scott’s company and says nothing about his death.   At the moment I don’t know about the comparative accuracy of either of these sources.

McCoy cemetery, Knox County, IndianaI’m hoping to find some sources to give me more information not only about John McCoy, but about the Louis Reel who also died on the way to Tippecanoe.   Other members of both the McCoy and Reel families are buried in the McCoy cemetery.  They include John Reel and Sallie McCoy Reel, husband and wife, who are buried near the present drip line at the left of the cedar tree in the photo.

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  • Michael McCoy

    Am attempting to find answers to this question as well… Just recently visited the McCoy Cemetery #1.

    John McCoy would have been a 4th Great Uncle to me (his brother Robert would have been a 4th Great Grandfather to me.

    Michael McCoy.

  • L. D. McCoy

    John McCoy was my 4th great grandfather. He was killed at the battle of tippecanoe. His name is inscribed on the common marker at the battleground. I believe he is buried at battleground.

    L. D. McCoy

  • Spokesrider

    I haven’t been at the battleground since I learned about John McCoy. I’ll make sure I get a photo of the marker next time I’m there.