Brouillette Road


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Broillette Road, Knox County, IndianaThis was the first time I got my camera out on my five days of rides from Walt and Anne Rinderle’s B&B in Knox County week before last.

Google map has it labelled it as Bruillotto Road in some places, and Brouilette Road in others. The French name would be appropriate in that Vincennes was a French settlement in 1732, and many of the roads, including this one, still show the French way of making land boundaries. They aligned land parcels with the river rather than the earth’s axis.

Brouillette Road, Knox County, IndianaI see from some web genealogies (this, for example) that the Brouilette surname existed in Knox County back in the early 19th century, and that it is claimed that at least one Brouilettte was in the Tippecanoe battle.¬†I’ll want to check that out.

Brouilette Road, Knox County, INA lot of the gravel roads in this part of Indiana are nasty for riding. Brouilette Road was better than most, but not as joyful as gravel can be.


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