Treaty line stop on the way to Owl Prairie


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Tire pumping stop in Bicknell, IndianaAfter the ride to French Lick the previous day I  was ready for a shorter ride on Friday.  There was a stiff wind from the southwest, so I went northeast to Owl Prairie in Daviess County.   You won’t find Owl Prairie on a map, though, because for most of its existence the place has been known as Lenora.

This photo was taken in Bicknell, where I stopped to put air in my tires.

Levee along the White River, north of EdwardsportOn the way to Lenora I wanted to stop at a couple of places where segments of road followed the Vincennes Tract treaty line.   I preferred to stay off of the busy state roads, so that meant several miles of riding on gravel.   The section pictured here is along the levee of the White River, north of Edwardsport.

On the way to the Vincennes Tract treaty lineMore gravel, and not particularly nice gravel for riding, either.     But it was better for riding than some  gravel roads I’ve run into in this part of the world.

A piece of the Vincennes Tract treaty lineFinally I reached the treaty line, which turned out to be not a public road but a farm lane.   This lane is shown on a 1971 plat map as then being a segment of road about 3/4 of a mile long.   At that time there was a farmhouse somewhere in the small grove of trees.

A piece of the Vincennes Tract treaty line on the east side of the riverOn the east side of the river is a small segment of public road that also follows the treaty line.  Reaching this one, too, took some riding on gravel.   The treaty line follows the piece of road shown in the left part of the photo.

The closest thing to an owl that we could find in LenoraMyra picked me up in Lenora.  We drove around the village looking for something with “Owl” in the name — maybe an “Owl Cafe” or anything that people might have done to honor the original name of  Owl Prairie.   No such luck, though.  Finally Myra pointed to the eagle pictured on the side of the American Legion building.   We decided that was as close to “owl” as we were going to get.


The day’s route is shown by a violet line.   The treaty line is shown in pink.   The markers are places where one can see, from a public road, some visible trace of the line — a jog in the road where the surveys on either side didn’t quite match up, or a piece of road or a field boundary that follows it.    The markers with black dots are the ones I visited on last week’s rides.

Friday’s mileage:  35.   YTD (as of Friday):  297.5

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