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In Posey Township, Fayette County, Indiana(1 October 2011, continued)  The 1885 history of Fayette County tells of a Nicholas Kemmer who had been at the original Boston Tea Party in 1773, disguised as an Indian.

Nicholas was born in Germany and emigrated to this country previous to the Revolutionary war, when eighteen years old.  He was one of the band of men disguised as Indians who boarded the English vessels lying in Boston Harbor and threw overboard the tea that had been refused a landing.  He served during the war that followed, doing his adopted country signal service.  He was at Yorktown when Gen Cornwallis surrendered and saw the two Generals in conversation after the capitulation. After the close of the war he settled in Lancaster County, Penn. where he married. after which event he removed to Kentucky and in 1833 settled in Posey Township where he died in 1839.

The farmstead in the distance was possibly his;  it belonged to one of his descendants at the time of the 1875 atlas.

The Boston Tea Party Historical Society has a list of participants of the original Tea Party.   Kemmer’s name is not on it, though.

One possibility is that he kept his participation a secret until he was far removed from any association with the people of Boston.   The Tea Party historical site explains that, “Some never talked about it except among close family members.”   I suppose another possibility is that this is one of the events like Woodstock, at which a lot more people remember being in attendance than were actually present.


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