Intersection of Jacksonburg Road and Martindale Creek


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A view of John Martindale's land entry, as seen from Jacksonburg Road

(August 29, continued)   On Jacksonburg Road, I stopped to look back at John Martindale’s 160-acre land entry, still looking for a likely place for a fort to have been located.   Like I’ve said, at that time it somehow didn’t occur to me that it would have been located way back in the distance where one can see buildings of the farmstead that lies just north of the Salem Primitive Baptist Church yard, where I had been a few minutes earlier.

The line of trees along the horizon marks the course of Martindale Creek.

Bridge over Martindale Creek on Jacksonburg Road

Last time I said I didn’t have a photo of the creek itself.   It turns out I did take one where the stream crosses Jacksonburg Road, about 1.3 miles south of John Martindale’s land entry.    You’d have to look hard at this time of year to find a pool suitable for an immersion baptism.

The green marker is where this crossing is located.   If you switch to satellite view, you can get a more complete picture of the course of the stream.

[Edit: Map updated, 6-Nov-2015]

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