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George Martindale tombstone(August 29, continued) The main reason for my first visit to the Salem Baptist cemetery was to look for the graves of John and Mary Martindale, parents of  Elijah.   I don’t even know for sure that they ended their days near here, but where better to look than along the stream that bears the family name, just off the edge of the one piece of land that John bought from the government?

I did not find John’s and Mary’s graves, but I took photos of other tombstones that had the Martindale name.   This one is for George, but I don’t know how he may have been related to Elijah.

Autobiography and Sermons of Elder Elijah Martindale (at Google Books)

There are Martindale genealogy sites on the web, and Elijah himself recorded some genealogical information in his autobiography.   You can click on the above page image from it to go to the chapter in Google Books.  One can see that Elijah obviously paid attention to his extended family, but I’ve read this chapter a couple of times and didn’t find a positive match between any of the names he mentions and any of the tombstones at the Salem Primitive Baptist cemetery.  Nor did any of the many web genealogies help make a connection.

James and Mary Martindale tombstoneThis is a marker for James and Mary J Martindale.  These people were too young to be of Elijah’s generation, but not too old young to have been mentioned in his autobiography.

Thomas Martindale tombstoneThis Thomas Martindale was a few years younger than Elijah.

I suppose this was one of the rare cemetery visits when I was skunked.   I didn’t find what I was looking for, and didn’t stumble upon any other information that might have led me to more bike rides or interesting historical researches.   Just the same, I was not disappointed to have stopped here, even though I didn’t yet realize this was the cemetery that Elijah had referred to when he told what happened to the bodies of Charles Morgan and the Beesly boys.


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