Hodunk Mill has burned down


The Hodunk mill burned down Thursday, killing the man who owned it.   The mill wasn’t very visible from the Union City-Coldwater road, but several times I turned right on Hodunk Road to take a look at it.  These photos are from a ride in October 2005.

This is a view across the millpond from Hodunk Road.

Battle Creek Enquirer news articles about the fire are here:

Fire kills owner, destroys Hodunk mill : Faulty chimney might have been cause of blaze

Creative Health Institute founder Don Haughey dies in fire

A video of the fire is on YouTube

I took more of an interest in the mill a couple of years ago when I learned that some of the Black Hawk militia people had been connected with it.     But I never took the trouble to try to meet the owners and ask permission to get photo from close up, figuring that would be a project for another time.

It is a sad loss, especially the loss of life.

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  • Tim Lamborn

    Don Haughey was my uncle. I spent a lot of time in the old mill as a youth, either working in it or just hanging out inside, usually on the top floor admiring the scenic views. I was so glad to see Don live his dream of living in the old mill. It took a long time and hard work to get there. It was a sad day when I heard of the fire there. He will be surely missed.