Fort Brown


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Fort Brown marker

Sandy Dobbelaere responded to the post about Oquanoxa and Naawakwegiizhig, saying that her father had once owned the site of Fort Brown on the Auglaize River.   It so happens that my next stop after leaving Charloe on May 9 was Fort Brown.    It’s marked by the small monument pictured above.

Fort Brown marker

One of the two markers on either side of the monument tells us that the Fort was named after a “Col. Brown.”   (Quote marks are in the original.)   I wonder if in the years since the marker was first placed in 1953, anyone has figured out who that Col. Brown was.

Fort Brown on the Auglaize River

This photo was taken from the monument, looking back towards the river.


The location is marked by a pushpin in the center of the map.     The reddish line marks my route for the day.   The lighter, brownish line is the boundary of Oquanoxa’s reservation.   It doesn’t follow the section lines, but it has left traces in the form of field boundaries in odd places that don’t follow section, half-section, or quarter-section boundaries.

I would have liked to travel the circumference of the reservation, taking photos of whatever property or field boundaries are still apparent in the places a public road crosses it.   But there was nowhere near enough time to do that and still get to Fort Amanda while there was still daylight.   So I had to content myself with the boundaries I had photographed on the northwest end of the reservation.

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