Bicycle gardens


Ken Steinhoff’s post about Bicycle Gardens Sprouting Up All Over made me think of this scene from a ride on August 31. In this land of corn and soybeans one might get the idea that life is strictly business — agribusiness. Then one sees a bit of whimsy, like this red bike left to grow in a bed of flowers along a gravel road.

I had started in Peru this morning, and ended up in Ohio. It wasn’t that long a ride, though. Those are towns in Illinois. We had picked this part of Illinois because it was near enough to O’Hare airport, where we needed to be later in the afternoon.

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About a mile ahead of the bicycle was one of my main destinations for the morning — a small piece of road that was the remnant of an old treaty line.

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    I ran into a small farm house in southern Georgia that had a bicycle / tricycle garden in the front yard. They had intermingled flowers and vines with dead bike and trikes in a way that was quite attractive.

    I know I must have shot pictures of it, but I haven’t been able to find them.