Metric Rez Line – Not



There are a lot more places where one can see tree lines and fence lines that mark the east boundary of the old Mickasawbe Reservation than I had expected from looking at the plat maps. The above is not one of them, though. My bike is parked just this side of a tree line which happens NOT to be one of those. It turns out (now that I can study my GPS trace) that I had come too far. In fact, this road is not a particularly good one on which to look for the old boundary from the public right-of-way. Maybe when the leaves are off the trees it can be seen.


A little over a mile from the point in the top photo I realized my bicycle computer was acting up again. It had suddenly gone into metric mode again, reporting my speed and distance in kilometers instead of miles. And this time I couldn’t get it to go back into English measurement mode by cleaning the contacts, so I just left it that way. When I got home I first took measurements on Google Maps and then did a little algebra (x + 0.6 (7.6-x) = 6.7 ) to determine that the point where it went bad was just about at the point where I had parked the bike in the above photo.

Whew. That meant my odometer had still been in miles mode when I had been using it to locate the place where the boundary crossed State Street. I had taken a lot of photos there (which I’ll save for another time). I was prepared to refer to any mistakes in identifying the reservation line where it crossed State Street as a Metric Rez Line, but now I see that I didn’t make any such mistake.

The Potawatomi people had refused to allow the east and west reservation boundaries to coincide with the section lines. So the government surveyor had located it 60 rods west of the section line, which was agreeable to them. 60 rods * 16.5 feet/rod / 5280 feet/mile meant I should look 0.1875 miles west of the section line. In the top photo I rode that distance, didn’t see anything, but not trusting my calculations latched onto another tree line that was nearby. But it wasn’t close enough.

The location of the top photo is marked on the googlemap with a pushpin. Today’s route is shown in blue. The reservation boundary is shown in red.

Today’s mileage (now that I’ve done all the necessary conversions and adjustments): 70.5 . YTD mileage: 1455.

Late edit:   I see that bad handwriting almost cheated me out of 30 miles.   YTD mileage is really 1485.   I had misread 70.5 as 40.5 when adding the numbers.

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