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View near Maria Creek cemetery

This is a view on the way back from the walk to the Maria (aka Mariah) Creek Baptist cemetery yesterday. I had expected country that was more full of woods and ravines. Maybe if I had known it would be like this, I would have pushed harder to be able to ride here.  That’s the kind of country I like.

Today wasn’t so good. I had a small ride planned, but also wanted to take some photos in Rockville. We first went to get a breakfast, and that’s where I discovered I didn’t have my billfold. After searching my stuff, I went back to our motel room, looked some more, then we searched the car some more. The last time I had remembered using it was at the MacDonalds in Sullivan, a few miles short of my end point yesterday.

My seat had started to get raw several miles before that point in my ride yesterday, so I had opened a new bottle of baby powder to powder my butt. It must not be the unscented kind. I could tell when I went into the MacDonalds and was standing behind some off-duty police officers, that I still smelled like baby powder. Baby powder isn’t so bad, but it also reminds me of some of the other smells that come with babies. I think one of the officers was also looking around to see where the smell came from, too, but I acted nonchalant. Then I went outside to eat so I wouldn’t have to smell myself. Trying to study my maps in the wind, maybe I had put my billfold in the paper bag and then had thrown it away.

So this morning, after having searched and re-searched everything, we drove the 50-plus miles to Sullivan. Nobody had turned in a billfold there, and the trash had already been hauled away so there was no chance to do any dumpster-diving.

That was discouraging, so we headed home — 330 miles worth. The weather was kind of dreary and cool today, anyway. Myra had to do all the driving, given that I didn’t have a license on me. On the way I made phone calls and canceled credit cards and ATM cards, thinking also how it had been way too much driving for only a little over a hundred miles of bike riding.

When we got home we found a message on our answering machine. The billfold had been found in our room, messed up in the bed covers. Well, I had looked everywhere else in the room, including under the seat cushions.

At least I don’t need to get a replacement drivers’ license.

I didn’t even get photos of Rockville.   But this web page has a photo of our room — the blue one —  and of the bed where the billfold was found.

It looks like Rockville will have good weather for its 10-day covered bridge festival.  People said they expected somewhere between 1 and 2 million visitors!   That’s for the entire county for 10 days, but that’s a lot of people for such small towns in such a rural area.    Food and craft booths were being set up in every little town, and in places in between.    I’m glad we beat the rush.   The weather was nice early in the week, which appeared to have brought other people who decided to open the festival early.  But everything was fine while we were there.

I’d like to go there again sometime, but I’m not so sure I’d care to do it in quite this fashion again.

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